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Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in Prok VDC of Manaslu Conservation Area, Gorkha, Nepal

Nepal’s temperature is rising faster than the global average, and rainfall is becoming unpredictable. Water resource is projected to become one of the most pressing environmental problems with high impacts from climate change in hills and mountains of Nepal. Drying up of water sources is likely due to dry seasons, irregular rains, and high intensity rainfall leading to high run-off and less infiltration. Rural communities in hills and mountains of Nepal are experiencing the impact on water resource due to climate change.

Training on Research Methodology and Statistical Tools on Climate Change Study

Nepal Climate Change Knowledge Management Center awarded climate change research grant for 25 young researchers of different academic institutions of Nepal. The researchers are doing research on climate changes issues related with thematic areas of National Adaptation Program of Action viz. (a) Agriculture and food security (b) Wetlands and water resources (c) Biodiversity and Ecosystem and (d) Livelihood and economics of vulnerable groups. All the researches are being carried out at Manasalu Conservation Area, the pristine and remote mountainous area of Nepal.

Climate Change Talks at Nepal's Remote Mid Hill District

On February 17, Nepal Climate Change Knowledge Management Center organized Climate Change Awareness Program at Diktel, headquarter of remote mid hill district Khotang in eastern region of Nepal. Newly constructed earthen road has connected Diktel with low land urban area. According to the report on Climate Change Vulnerability Mapping for Nepal published by Government of Nepal, Khotang district is at very high risk from Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF).

Climate Change Talk Captured Taplejung

Fungling Bazar, the headquarters of Nepal's remote mountainous district Taplejung observed a day-long activities on climate change and its impacts on Feb 7, attracting hundreds of enthusiastic high school students who were well dressed in their school uniform. Altogether 12 high schools actively participated in the program, some of whom walked over five hours on foot, as they knew it was important for them to understand about the much-talked topic but less told in their villages scattered in rugged topography close to the Mount Kanchanjungha in the Himalaya.


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