Message from the Vice-Chancellor, NAST

Professor Dr Jiba Raj Pokharel

Nepal Climate Change Knowledge Management Center (NCCKMC) was established under the roof of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) with an aim to provide climate change knowledge services and support stakeholders who lead in delivering climate change adaptation and resilience activities. The center is building co-operation between national, international and governmental institutions to ensure the most efficient and effective use of climate change knowledge.

Over the course of the past decade, we have been facing the unprecedented impacts of climate change and the potentiality for catastrophic surprises is increasing. Therefore, developmental decisions must be based on the best available climate change knowledge and evidences. We envisage that NCCKMC would be established as a strong and effective knowledge management centre which will ensure the production and dissemination of climate change knowledge information in the country. NCCKMC will strengthen the capacity of various stakeholders by providing them with the required information to respond to challenges posed by climate change.

We always appreciate the advices and collaborative efforts from the stakeholders to make NCCKMC a "Center of Excellence". We therefore invite any constructive suggestion in order to take NCCKMC to dizzy height of success in future.